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About us

20 years dedicated to the research and development and production of sticking machinery

Suzhou Tongke Machinery Co., LTD., established in 2010 located in the Yongqiao district of Suzhou City, Anhui province, the yongqiao high-tech enterprise (GR202234000099) has been awarded more than ten patents and has its own trademark.

The main products are: stick pipe machine, stick spoon machine. Pasting straws and spoons on the surface of packaging such as milk and drinks. According to the output, the products are divided into low speed (TG-1, 10000 bags /h), medium speed (TG-2, 20000 bags /h) and high speed (TG-3, 30000 bags /h). Suitable for Tetra Pak brick, Tetra Pak drill, round cup, stand - up bag straw paste, and yogurt spoon paste, technology to reach the domestic advanced level.

The machine adopts touch screen setting, PLC automatic control system, can automatically complete the product conveying, straw conveying, straw cutting, product gluing, straw paste, fault alarm and other processes, save a lot of manpower.

Major domestic customers: New Hope Dairy Company, Huierkang Food Co., LTD., Master Kong Dingjin Company, Guangzhou Dongpeng Food and Beverage Co., LTD., Shenhui Industrial Co., LTD., Zhejiang Great Vision Co., LTD., Jin Qilian Dairy, and export to the United States, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, India and other dozens of countries and regions.