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Why is the milk carton called "Tetra Pak"?

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Why milk cartons are called "Tetra Pak" is not clear, even to industry insiders. They just call it that. Milk is a necessity in our life. Careful friends will find the registered trademark logo of Tetra Pak on the milk carton.

Tetra Pak is a series of liquid food packaging products developed by Swedish company Tetra Pak. The product currently accounts for 95 percent of the beverage packaging market in China.

Tetra Pak was one of the first companies to provide packaging for liquid milk back in the 1950s. Since then, it has become one of the world's largest suppliers of packaging systems for milk, juice, beverages and many other products.

Tetra Pak's "brick pack" and "pillow pack", common milk and beverage paper packaging, are classic examples of modest packaging. In the September 2004 exhibition "Simple Classics" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tetra Pak was hailed as a masterpiece of modest packaging "full of design inspiration that makes life simpler, more convenient and safer". Small Tetra Pak, condensed with a lot of technology and wisdom, simple but not luxurious, has brought great changes to our lives. The high quality milk of the northern prairie depends on the sterile Tetra Pak package, which can be conveniently sent to thousands of households thousands of miles away.

Tetra Pak packs strike a fine balance between protecting functions and satisfying emotional needs. Compared with plastic and glass bottles, brick and pillow shaped Tetra Pak bags have a relatively large floor area ratio, and this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and store. From a technical point of view, Tetra Pak is a six-layer composite paper package made of paper, aluminum and plastic, which effectively blocks out air and light, which can spoil milk and drinks. Therefore, the small Tetra Pak makes the consumption of milk and drinks more convenient and safe, and the shelf life is longer, achieving higher packaging efficiency.

To sum up, the reason why milk cartons are called "Tetra Pak" is that our common milk cartons are packaging products developed by Swedish Tetra Pak Company, and the market coverage is very large, this brand name gradually replaced the product name in the industry. For the same reason that off-road vehicles were called jeeps when they first came into the country.

Tongke Machinery focuses on providing pasting machinery for the food and beverage industry, that is, pasting straws for Tetra Pak to facilitate consumers to drink. The final process of the inner packaging of this product is a professional product developed by us.


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