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Daily boot requirements of tube pasting machine

Release time:2023-05-15 17:48:32      Number of clicks:85

As the most frequently used machine in the last process of packaging machinery, the daily start-up specification has a very critical impact on the use efficiency and service life of the machinery.

The same mechanical arrangement of the tube sticking machine daily boot requirements:

1, confirm the amount of glue in the glue tank, not too much or insufficient.

2, cover with a rubber groove cover, to prevent foreign matter into the pollution of hot melt glue.

3. Turn on the main power switch. (The system starts heating up)

4. Confirm that the temperature set in all heating areas is correct. Wait until the System Ready green light, hot melt glue machine system can work.

5. Open the piston pump air valve.

6. Pay attention to the liquid level of the gluing tank, and add the appropriate amount of gluing material according to the use condition.


The above is the daily operation specification of the sticking machine, the same branch machinery as one of the few domestic specialized sticking machinery R & D and production enterprises, can provide the majority of food and beverage manufacturers sticking machinery one-stop solution.

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