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How many pipe sticking machine manufacturers?

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How many pipe sticking machine manufacturers? As we all know, the personal packaging of food and beverage, especially liquid milk, is mostly Tetra Pak and Tetra Drill series. In the last straw pasting link, the high-speed and stable mechanical energy greatly improves the efficiency. In addition to Tetra Pak, there are not many manufacturers of this kind of sticking machine in the country. According to the Tianeye data query, there are less than 50 manufacturers of sticking machine with independent production capacity in the country. Suzhou Tongke Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the few sticking machinery manufacturers with independent research and development ability.


Due to the professionalism of food machinery, Tongke machinery has been adhering to the idea of research and development in the first, sales in the second, up to now, Tongke machinery almost no marketing means of sales, product sales are all relying on excellent quality and good reputation.

From the first generation, the second generation to the third generation of continuous research and development, gradually formed to meet the speed requirements of customers at various stages of high, middle and low pipe sticking machinery. And for the problems in the process of product operation constantly summarize and improve, the new generation of round cup positioning machine is the product of thinking in the market practice. Completely solved the round cup beverage stick tube position is not appropriate.

What are the manufacturers of pipe sticking machine, here is not a list, mechanical pipe sticking machine worthy of customer reference.

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